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Great Gear and Hunt Giveaway's

We are about giving back to our members and providing them a GREAT! place to come and discuss all there is about Traditional Bows, Traditional Archery and Traditional Bow Hunting. A place were they have a chance to win Great! Prizes. We have free access to our forums and ask that you at least consider becoming a free basic member.

Thank you for visiting Tradhunter.com.

We will have to start out small at first but as we generate more members the giveaways will come at a faster pace. I have already started giving away prizes to ourĀ Traditional Bow Hunting Forum members and we have had Numerous winners so far. Soon a pair Leupold Gold Ring Binoculars will be given away. Remember this one promise from me to you, this site is not about me its all about you. I have some very big plans for this site that I will begin sharing with you soon. Please introduce yourselves and remember, the faster word spreads about this site the more members we have. The more members we have, the more sponsors we can get and the more giveaways we can do.
Here's a prize list of up coming Traditional Bow Hunting Equipment Giveaways.
  • Leupold gold ring binoculars
  • Garmin GPS
  • New Custom Centaur Longbow
We have already giveaway a guided hunt where one of our fellow Traditional Bow Hunters will be going to hunt hogs at Ray Hammonds Hog Heaven in South Carolina. I'd like to have another giveaway for a hog hunt in South Carolina as soon as possible. Please introduce yourself and express any concerns you have here. I will do my very best to help you.
Thank you!
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