made some arrows in the down time

How to's, questions, and build alongs for those traditional archers who are interested in building their own custom arrows.
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made some arrows in the down time

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With the cold and rain, about to turn into ice, I have been busy building a few arrows. Mainly just wood arrows, nothing special but some with goose feathers. I have some goose feathers that I need to split and work into fletching but I still have a lot of trouble seeing what I am doing. I can see that even my crow feathers will work, if I can get to where I can see good enough to split them. Right now, I am "The Butcher" and ruin more than I make usable. I managed to get my wife involved in some shaft staining as well as painting some of them. I have always loved the sight of finished arrows in a quiver, especially a good back quiver. The transformation of materials into arrows is very satisfying for me. Just the slowness of only having one fletching jig but oh well. I pretty much quit buying completed arrows 40 years ago when I got my fletching jig. I never claimed to make beautiful arrows like some take the time to do, I just want good functional arrows that do what I need them to do. Too many rocks around here to see one destroyed LOL.

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Re: made some arrows in the down time

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Good to hear some of you are still making arrows! I haven't because I haven't shot any or broke/lost them as a result. Sometimes I just wanna make them to make them whether I need them or not.
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