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Re: Kalamzoo Show

#11 Post by Roadking »

Back from the Kalamazoo show. All in all it was pretty cool and my son and I had a good time. I felt though it may be geared more for someone looking to meet some bow builders personally and see what they have to offer. There were some beautiful looking bows, good people, and odds and ends to buy lol.

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Re: Kalamzoo Show

#12 Post by Carpdaddy »

It's those "odds and ends" at the 3D shoots that gets me! I always spend way too much money. But our Ky Tradfest usually has vendors offering some good bargains. Last year I purchased a dozen Gold Tip Heavy Hunter arrows for $50. I also got several spools of D97 fast flight string for $5. Bought a feather chopper, heavy field tips that I can't find locally, etc... you get it. There are several bowyers there also, that's usually what gets in Steve's pocket.

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Re: Kalamzoo Show

#13 Post by Roadking »

Tony sorry for delay back, been battling this flipping cold and busy at work. Ya lots of little odds and ends. Being new to all this I was to sure what was a deal or not, only comparing to some online pricing etc. I did grab a safety net for the garage that seemed to be an ok deal (few buck off and save on shipping). I opted for that because the rubber mats from tractor supply would've ran me close to $100 as well, figure why not. Next year I'll be a bit more focussed and educated lol hopefully!

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Re: Kalamzoo Show

#14 Post by Greg Felty »

Anyone going this year?

Traditional Bowhunters Expo
Fri, Jan 24 – Sun, Jan 26
Kalamazoo County Expo Center, 2900 Lake St
Kalamazoo, MI
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Re: Kalamzoo Show

#15 Post by Grizzly »

I never did make it to that one. We went to the Compton shoot for years though. Pretty good drive from Central Illinois. Used to have to drive up to Grand Rapids for classes a few times a year. I loved the sporting goods stores up there and on the way home. I never could find the "good stuff" around here like you have up there.
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