Broken leg...

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Re: Broken leg...

#11 Post by Captainkirk »

They can be quite resilient!
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Re: Broken leg...

#12 Post by Hill billy »

Its amazing what kind of injurys a wild animal can endure. They move along as normal but Im sure it shortens there life span some what. I know somtimes on a buck it can also effect there horns.

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Re: Broken leg...

#13 Post by jaydee2trad »

Have seen several deer with broken legs and my uncle took a mountain buck with a broken front leg.

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Re: Broken leg...

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Had one at the house for 3 yrs with a broken ankle.
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Re: Broken leg...

#15 Post by Grizzly »

I once had a doe with a badly broken front leg walk and feed past my stand with a fawn. There was no way I could shoot her even though some talk about taking them out of their misery. What misery? I sure wouldn't want someone shooting me if I had a broken leg. She seemed to be doing just fine.
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