Best buck bait ever

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Ole Dave
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Re: Best buck bait ever

#41 Post by Ole Dave » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:23 pm

Gamestalker wrote:Don't take this the wrong way Dave, but I think that reading too many health reports is the major contributor to health issues. :roll: It seems like you can find a report to tell you that you will get sick from about anything in life anymore! I'm waiting to see the report that says you'll get cancer if you drink a glass of water. ;)
No offense taken...

But what you say has merit, albeit, I did follow the research on the microwave stuff and the drip of "stuff" from heating the plastic... this was about stuffing venison into garbage bags to keep dry while icing in a cooler... that there is a chemical reaction between the protein in meat and plastic...

Rubbermaid products are wonderful... you'd never SEE such... but if you're asking me to TRUST that these companies are testing for unique uses like you are doing, I won't buy that.... is there a problem? Who knows? Will we know it in our lifetime? Too many things they said were safe when I was a kid now they admit are NOT, so I don't trust industry to have my best interests at heart...

I find your solution to be unique and interesting and commend you for reporting the lid along keeps from creating a hard crust of air dried meat! Kudos! Crisco is cheap. I use all my rubbermaid tubs for storing my hunting clothes I wash, line dry and put in black trash bags with dirt smells...

I'll keep greasing with crisco, but thanks for your insight...

Oh, and most of the water today, will git you if you drink enough of it! :) BEsides, I KNOW what fish do in that water! :shock:
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Re: Best buck bait ever

#42 Post by Captainkirk » Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:35 pm

WHAT?!!!! WHAT DO FISH DO IN THE WATER?!!!! TELL ME!!!!! :shock: Hurry, I'm hyperventilating here... 8-)
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Re: Best buck bait ever

#43 Post by oscar11 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:19 pm

I think W.C. Fields covered what fish do in water, lol.

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