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The rules here at traditional bow hunting forums are relatively few but need to be followed. As long as we all do our part and through self policing we should have a wonderful traditional site.


1. No threatening of other members.
2. No obscene, vulgar or overly abusive language.
3. If you disagree with someones views or beliefs do so in a respectful manner as there are younger members here.
4. No slandering or badmouthing of other members.
5. No badmouthing of other traditional archery websites.
6. No taking advantage of other members. If you buy, sell or trade with another member follow through with your end of the deal. If you choose to not follow through with your end of a deal and receive cash or goods that are not yours return it or them to the rightful owner. If you fail to do so every attempt including the involvement of law enforcement will be implemented and you will be banned from for life and your real name address and phone number will be placed on the wall of shame.

Please enjoy as this traditional archery website can and will make your traditional bow hunting dreams come true.
Password protected areas include: Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue. All past and present members of these fields have access to your own private forum set up just for Hero's. You must pm Admin to recover the password. Please do not give the password out to anyone that does not meet the criteria for these fields.
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Due to the extremely high number of spammers and hackers trying to register on a daily basis, we simply don't have the time to vet each request for membership. To speed the process up and also to not get dumped in the process, we urge all non-members wishing to join to go through the registration process, and then send a follow-up email to Your username (screen name) and email address must match the ones you registered with! If you wish to change them at a later date once registered, you may do that through your profile manager. You may or may not be asked a few questions to validate yourself as a real person with an interest in trad archery and hunting.
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