Working with the Special Need high school kids

A charity for stricken children and young adults that dream of hunting.
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Working with the Special Need high school kids

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My wife works with the special need kids at the high school and has for years. when I married her, I began going to her class room and helping with the kids. I was teaching the boys to be respectful to adults as well as taking care of themselves. Then, because I was not an employee of the school, I could speak freely to them about our Lord. I also taught them a lot about nature and this involved taking my boat by with a live well full of fish. They would come out and climb all over the boat and look at the fish. many questions would be asked and they would get to touch the fish. Then later, I even took a bow killed doe by for them to see and touch which they all did. The cool thing was that they had a kichen in this area for the special needs so I was able to cook both fish and venison there for all to eat. I even made venison chili and stuff like that. I usually involved the older kids with helping me cook. Yes, they only did super simple things but it was something that they got to do and be part of. We had a couple of higher functioning kids that wanted to be able to hunt so we were able to help them prepare for taking the Hunter Safety class which some passed. This allowed them to go hunting even if only in very limited ways but they got to go. I can not ever explain the sheer excitement and joy that they wore on their faces when they told me what they had been able to be part of. Some of us older guys need to some time be able to help tutor young people in both archery and hunting. it is very gratifying indeed. JD

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Re: Working with the Special Need high school kids

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Amen! Without youth, the future of hunting is over.
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Re: Working with the Special Need high school kids

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That's so good to hear. A blessed opportunity. So rewarding for all concerned.
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Re: Working with the Special Need high school kids

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Very well done. You just don't here much about those who help like that. Very well done!
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