Never too old to get 'er done!

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Never too old to get 'er done!

#1 Post by dhaverstick »


My dear friend, John Pruitt, killed this nice buck two evenings ago off his place in Tennessee with a bow and arrow that he made last Thursday. The hickory used in both pieces of equipment came off his farm. I own several selfbows and flintlocks that John has made for me over the years and I have the pleasure of talking to him at least once a week. He turned 85 this past September and he reminded me of the upcoming event for at least 6 months so I would make sure and get his baked goods care package in the mail on time. He is the genuine article!


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Re: Never too old to get 'er done!

#2 Post by Captainkirk »

Boy, all I can say is I hope I can do as well at his age!
I recall pictures of your guns that he made. Hats off to John, and to you as well for sharing, Darren!
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Re: Never too old to get 'er done!

#3 Post by Elkman »

That's pretty awesome.

With everything going on in my life now, I can't even imagine myself being able to do that 20 years from now.
Hats off to your friend John.
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Re: Never too old to get 'er done!

#4 Post by Carpdaddy »

:D Wow; that’s awesome! I am no spring chicken myself and this stuff gets more challenging all the time. But I push on and things like this are encouraging!

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